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Don’t Miss Out on these 5 Health Benefits of Eating Salmon 

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Blackened or grilled?


At Tricky Fish, we serve salmon both ways. 


In fact, we serve Redfish, Tilapia, and other delicious Gulf seafood as well, but salmon has a special place in our health conscious hearts. For all those out of there looking to eat better, don’t miss out on these 5 health benefits of eating salmon on a regular basis:


High in Omega 3 Fatty Acids


We’ve all heard that fish is heart healthy because it’s high in Omega 3 fatty acids, and salmon is king of Omega 3s! Studies have shown that salmon is loaded with EPA and DHA, both necessary for heart health. How so? Studies have shown it to reduce blood pressure, reduce risk factors for heart disease, and reverse inflammation of the arteries. Sounds pretty good to us.


Loaded with Vitamin B


Salmon is rich in Vitamin B, which is attributed to brain and heart health. It has been shown to reduce inflammation, repair DNA, and help optimize energy production from food. 




Salmon is a lean protein that not only promotes a healthy, low fat diet, but it also helps you maintain muscle mass, protects bone density, and contributes toward healing after injury. Protein is critical to your diet and not something your body can produce on its own. 


High in Antioxidants


We don’t often think of salmon when we think of antioxidants, but salmon is actually quite high in an antioxidant called astaxanthin. Antioxidants work to prevent oxidation of cells, a process that leads to aging, increased inflammation, and even higher LDL cholesterol levels. 


Low Calorie Content


Looking to get your body ready for swimsuit season? Salmon is a great choice. It’s low in calories – but also high in protein, vitamins, and minerals that promote a healthy lifestyle. Plus – the fat it does have is mainly good fat, thanks to salmon’s Omega 3 fatty acid content. 


So we’re going to ask again….blackened or grilled?


Come see us at Tricky Fish - the best restaurant in Richardson, Texas - this week and reap the health benefits of ordering salmon your way! 

Tricky Fish: Our Favorite Craft Beers to Try Now

Enjoying the simple things in life is what it’s all about, and sipping a glass of ice, cold craft beer pretty much tops the list.


At Tricky Fish, we make this easy. With tons of choices – both on tap and bottled – you’ll get craft beer at its finest. Beer handpicked by our staff and handcrafted for your enjoyment. Here are a few of our favorite craft beers, available now at Tricky Fish in Richardson, Texas!


·     Bockslider by Martin House: Bockslider just happens to be the official beer of the Toadies, fellow Fort Worth natives and a favorite band of the Martin House founders. At Tricky Fish, we love the beer because it’s smooth, easy to drink, and somehow makes us want to go to a rock concert.

·     Mosaic IPA by Community Brewing Company: Based out of Dallas, Texas, Community did something right when they brewed up the Mosaic IPA. The intense hops in this beer make it perfect for IPA aficionados and novices alike.

·     Velvet Hammer by Peticolas Brewing: The award-winning Velvet Hammer shines as a customer favorite here at Tricky Fish. With a malty sweetness and caramel undertones that balance the spice of the high hop content, what’s not to love about this beer?

·     Bourbon Barrel Ale by Alltech Lexington Brewing Company: If you’re a bourbon drinker, then the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale is a must-try. This delicious beer is unique in that it is aged in oak barrels once used to produce bourbon. Each sip of craft beer brings in flavors of charred oak, vanilla, and caramel, straight from the barrel.


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These are just a few of our favorite craft beers, available now at Tricky Fish – Richardson’s newest location for the best craft beer! Join us this week for lunch, dinner, happy hour, and of course, a glass or two of the finest craft beer around.