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Tricky Fish: Our Favorite Craft Beers to Try Now

Enjoying the simple things in life is what it’s all about, and sipping a glass of ice, cold craft beer pretty much tops the list.


At Tricky Fish, we make this easy. With tons of choices – both on tap and bottled – you’ll get craft beer at its finest. Beer handpicked by our staff and handcrafted for your enjoyment. Here are a few of our favorite craft beers, available now at Tricky Fish in Richardson, Texas!


·     Bockslider by Martin House: Bockslider just happens to be the official beer of the Toadies, fellow Fort Worth natives and a favorite band of the Martin House founders. At Tricky Fish, we love the beer because it’s smooth, easy to drink, and somehow makes us want to go to a rock concert.

·     Mosaic IPA by Community Brewing Company: Based out of Dallas, Texas, Community did something right when they brewed up the Mosaic IPA. The intense hops in this beer make it perfect for IPA aficionados and novices alike.

·     Velvet Hammer by Peticolas Brewing: The award-winning Velvet Hammer shines as a customer favorite here at Tricky Fish. With a malty sweetness and caramel undertones that balance the spice of the high hop content, what’s not to love about this beer?

·     Bourbon Barrel Ale by Alltech Lexington Brewing Company: If you’re a bourbon drinker, then the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale is a must-try. This delicious beer is unique in that it is aged in oak barrels once used to produce bourbon. Each sip of craft beer brings in flavors of charred oak, vanilla, and caramel, straight from the barrel.


craft beer richardson

These are just a few of our favorite craft beers, available now at Tricky Fish – Richardson’s newest location for the best craft beer! Join us this week for lunch, dinner, happy hour, and of course, a glass or two of the finest craft beer around.

Brewery Spotlight: Alltech Lexington Brewing Co.

It’s tough being a beer company in bourbon country.


But those are the odds that Alltech Lexington Brewing Co. was up against when they started brewing beer in 1999. Dr. Pearse Lyons believed that a good, craft beer could survive in bourbon country, and that’s why he bought the defunct Lexingon Brewing Co. (which had formerly been in business since the 1790s) and felt the need to reinvigorate it with fresh ideas.


Dr. Lyons – an Irishman with a rich history in brewing and distillery – wanted to infuse the flavors of the area into his beer. And what better way than to brew beer in an old bourbon barrel!


Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale


From an old bourbon barrel, the award-winning Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale was born! Alltech Lexington Brewing Co. gets seasoned barrels from the finest distilleries in Kentucky and then ages its beer in them for up to 6 weeks. The resulting beer is flavored with subtle hints of vanilla, oak, and caramel. It’s by far the breweries most popular beer, even spawning other brews such as Kentucky Peach Barrel Wheat Ale and the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale Stout. Alltech Kentucky Brewing Co. is careful to only select the most premium barrels for aging, barrels only used once to age bourbon, creating the most robust final product in its beer.


Are you ready to try some Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale yet? You’re in luck because Tricky Fish is proud to offer this delicious craft beer at our Richardson restaurant


We seek out unique craft beers from all over the country, offering new flavors you may be unfamiliar with. Our goal is to find pure, quality ales – such as the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale – and introduce them to a whole new audience here in the Dallas area.


Not sure Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale is right for you? Tricky Fish has a full selection of premium craft beers, signature cocktails, and sippin’ whiskies sure to please.