Daily Drink Specials at Tricky Fish Richardson!

Yeah yeah…we know all the restaurants in CityLine Richardson have great specials going on throughout the week, but did you know that Tricky Fish has drink specials every single day of the week?

That’s right! Join us any day and you can get steep discounts on all your favorites. Here’s the rundown on our weekly Richardson drink specials:

Mondays: $5 Mules

Yum. Maybe it’s the copper mug, maybe it’s that tangy lime and ginger mix, but either way we love a good mule! Tricky Fish offers are a variety of tasty mules, all $5 on Mondays!

Tuesdays: $5 Margaritas

Who said Tex Mex restaurants were the only ones who could make a good margarita? Our bartenders are true craftsman, able to whip up the best cocktails in town. Our margaritas are no exception, and just $5 all day on Tuesdays! Taco Tuesday at Tricky Fish, anyone?!

Wednesdays: Half Price Wine by the Glass

Tricky Fish is known for its extensive wine menu, and you’ll love trying something new on Wednesdays when you can try it for half off! Grab your friends for a lunch date or dinner to celebrate Hump Day, and receive half price wine by the glass!

Thursdays: $2 off Craft Beer

Craft beer tastes great with the simple, fresh flavors of our southern comfort food. Tricky Fish has a huge selection of craft beer, everything from local favorites to those sourced throughout the United States. Either way, grab your favorites for $2 off all day Thursday.

tricky fish richardson drink specials near me draft beer wine cocktails

Fridays: $2 off draft beer, bar bites, seasonal cocktails, and wine

Jackpot! On Fridays, we celebrate the end of a long work week with lots of great Richardson drink specials! End your week at Tricky Fish with $2 off draft beer, any of our amazing seasonal cocktails, wine, and delicious bar bites.

Join us this week at Tricky Fish Richardson for daily drink specials!

*Pricing and specials subject to change. See server for details.

Brunch So Hard This Holiday Season

Happy holidays from all of us here at Tricky Fish! We hope you have a few extra days off this season and that you find rest and joy in the gatherings with friends and family.

We love this season – and we also love brunch! Sleep in, then come join us for brunch at Tricky Fish! It’s the perfect fuel for holiday gatherings or last minute holiday shopping. Here are a few of our brunch favorites to kick your tastebuds in gear:

Farmhouse Burger

This one is relatively new to the brunch menu, and customers love it because it’s our traditional Tricky Fish burger with a brunch twist. A sunny side up egg adorns the top of our burger, loaded with Tillamook cheddar cheese, double patties, bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and our special sauce. Of course it’s made to order, so get it the way you like it.

Praline Pancakes

This is a customer favorite! Enjoy our specialty Tricky Fish praline pancakes doused in our praline whisky syrup (so good!), then topped with macerated berries and orange cream.

NOLA Benedict

If you’re an egg’s benedict fan, then you’ll certainly need to try our Cajun variation – the NOLA Benedict. Fluffy biscuits are topped with Andouille sausage, peppers, onions, poached eggs, and a Creole mustard hollandaise sauce.

Fried Shrimp & Oyster Grits

We can’t leave out a seafood option! Shrimp and grits make a great brunch offering, and ours is pretty darn good with fried gulf oysters, shrimp, and an egg, on top of cheesy corn and bacon grits, then drizzled in Shiner Bock BBQ Sauce.

These are just a few of the great brunch offerings here at Tricky Fish, and don’t forget to add a Irish Iced Coffee or mimosa to that order! Come see us this holiday season at Tricky Fish for the best brunch in Richardson, Texas and Fort Worth, Texas! We’ll have a table waiting for you.

Happy Holidays!

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What’s Old is New: The Story of Your Favorite Classic Cocktails

Isn’t there some sort of research somewhere that shows everything repeats itself?

As humans, we love digging up the past and reinventing old trends and styles. In recent years, classic cocktails have made a resurgence (much thanks to Mad Men for being a big part of that trend), and at Tricky Fish, we absolutely love serving up handcrafted cocktails, many of which date back to the 1800s and Prohibition Era.

The Daiquiri

We think of daiquiris as red, syrup-laden rum drinks, but the original daiquiri was much lighter. Invented in Cuba in the late 1890s, the daquiri was just Bacardi, lime juice, and cane sugar. It made its way to the United States via a U.S. Navy Admiral that began serving it in Washington D.C.


Historians believe the simple – yet delicious and crisp – Manhattan was invented in the Manhattan Club, a Democratic Party social club in New York City. The original was just rye whiskey, vermouth, and a little bitters.


Origins of this popular cocktail are hazy, but many historians lean toward a story of an 1800s gold miner who struck it rich. Upon finding gold, he went into the town of Martinez, CA to celebrate with champagne. They didn’t have any, and the martini – named for the town of Martinez – was born. Not sure if it’s true, but it’s colorful!

Join us for the Best Cocktails In Richardson!

Want to enjoy the best craft cocktails in Richardson? Then join us this week at Tricky Fish in CityLine Center! We are proud to be voted best cocktails by Richardson Living Magazine. We also have a large selection of sippin’ whiskies, craft beer, wine, and more. We’re the perfect place for a happy hour, late night drink with friends, date night dinner, workday lunch, or weekend brunch.

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*Menu and specials subject to change. Ask server for details on current offers.

Give the Gift of Tricky Fish this Holiday Season!

Overwhelmed by the idea of finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list?

Let Tricky Fish make it easy for you! Come see us at Tricky Fish and pick up the perfect gift for coworkers, bosses, boyfriends, Secret Santas, friends, teachers, and even that crazy uncle!

One Size Fits All with Tricky Fish Gift Cards

That’s right – with amazing cocktails, craft beer, lunch specials, delicious seafood, drink specials, and more – Tricky Fish is a one size fits all gift for oh so many people on your list. Plus, who doesn’t want a free night out to take the pressure off trying to figure out what’s for lunch or dinner. Stop in, grab some gift cards, and consider those gifts DONE! Don’t you feel better already?!

Give Style with Tricky Fish Merchandise

Your friends and family will love the understated, casual look of our Tricky Fish Life t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and polos. They are stylish and Southern, with just enough personality to stand out. Oh – and most of our products are Comfort Colors, meaning each is made of the softest high quality cotton and gets better with every wash. Styles are available for both men and women. Visit trickyfishlife.com to see the full selection of Tricky Fish merchandise. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the selection!

Come see us at Tricky Fish, grab a few gifts, and then stay for dinner! You know you’re craving one of our delicious Southern dishes. Tricky Fish in Richardson and Fort Worth, Texas has the best Southern comfort food around with fresh seafood, po’boys, salads, burgers, sandwiches, gumbo, and more. In a hurry? You can even order online before arriving, pop in and grab what you need, and your food will be waiting for you when you arrive!

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Happy Holidays from your friends at Tricky Fish Richardson and Tricky Fish Fort Worth!

The History of Happy Hour

Have you ever wondered how the term “happy hour” was coined? It’s a phrase so common we don’t think twice about it, but this wasn’t always the case.

It All Started Out at Sea

You might be surprised to learn that the term “happy hour” started out at sea with U.S. Navy officers – and really had nothing to do with alcohol. In the early 19th century, “happy hour” was U.S. Navy slang for the entertainment hours of the day. Normally in the evening, the Navy officers would be treated to movies, boxing matches, sing alongs, and more that would boost their morale and make life at sea more bearable. These were the happy hours.

The Evolution of Modern Day Happy Hour

When the Prohibition hit in 1920, the term “happy hour” was sometimes used by speakeasys to promote drinking hours before dinner. When Prohibition ended in 1933, the acceptability of drinking during the workday began to grow. By the 1950s, it was very common in many white collar industries to find drink specials during the day – and after work. By the 1960s, restaurants began to experiment with the term “happy hour” and offer “happy hour specials” for drinking after work. In the 1970s, workplace drinking became less acceptable and drinking during and after the workday began to fall in popularity. It wasn’t until 2004 when researchers began to see yet another uptick in the popularity of happy hour, and to this day, we can all raise a glass to the end of a long work day over happy hour with our friends and colleagues.

Ready for the best happy hour in Richardson, Texas?! Come see us at Tricky Fish in Richardson or Fort Worth for happy hour specials on drinks and appetizers.

*Specials subject to change. Ask server for details on current offers.

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Join us for Brewmaster Thursdays at Tricky Fish

So what’s a “Brewmaster Thursday” anyway?

At Tricky Fish in Richardson or Fort Worth, Texas, it’s your chance to get any of our ice cold craft beers for $2 off all day long! That’s right….whether you join us for lunch, dinner, happy hour, or even brunch, you can enjoy a cold beer for $2 off.

Not sure what to select? Our bartenders are expertly trained to help you select a Richardson craft beer that is right for you. Each craft beer we carry at Tricky Fish has been carefully chosen for superior quality, so it’s hard to go wrong with any of them. Here are a few of our customer favorites you might want to try on Brewmaster Thursday at Tricky Fish:

Abita Amber

One of our favorite everyday beers, Abita Brewing Co. gets it right with the Abita Amber. We’ve got it on draft, so it’s always ice cold with the perfect amber hue and smooth, caramel flavor you are sure to love.

The Temptress

We love supporting local craft breweries and Lakewood Brewing Co. got it right with The Temptress. If you’re looking for something to sip, with a full-bodied mouth feel, rich chocolate colored head, and silky smooth finish, then you will love The Temptress.

Crackberry Cider

Here’s a fun beer for Fall. Crackberry Cider is a true cider produced right here in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas, Texas. Free yourself from the assumption that all ciders have to be super sweet and artificial; this cider is 100% sugar free, with the only sweetener in the cider coming from juice that is sourced from the Pacific Northwest. It’s a hearty cider that will have you wishing for more. And at $2 off on Thursdays, why not?

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 12.46.52 AM.png

Join us at Tricky Fish’s Richardson and Fort Worth locations on Thursdays for Brewmaster Thursdays where you get $2 off all craft beer, all day long!  

Join Tricky Fish: Oct. 12 is National Gumbo Day!

Having one of those weeks when you just need an excuse to celebrate?

Let us give you one: National Gumbo Day is Wednesday, Oct. 12, and we’re celebrating with $3 bottles and drafts from Abita Brewing Co. all day long at both our Richardson and Fort Worth locations!

Abita Brewing Company – Louisiana’s Finest Craft Beer

Abita craft beer and gumbo just go hand-in-hand. Both hail from the great state of Louisiana, giving us the southern comforts of Cajun cuisine we’ve come to know and love. Abita craft beer is different for a few reasons:

1.  The Water – No one can duplicate the intense flavor profile of Abita beer because their beer hails from Abita Springs located on their property, providing the purest water for the best flavor possible.

2.  Small Batches – Abita brewmasters are sticklers for quality, and that’s why each batch of beer is brewed small, allowing for maximum quality control.

3.  No Preservatives – Want to know why their beer just tastes better? Because it’s fresh; made with no preservatives, additives, or stabilizers.

tricky fish gumbo .jpg

Grab a Bowl of Kitchen Sink Gumbo for National Gumbo Day!

Need some grub to go with that beer?! Clearly, Tricky Fish’s Kitchen Sink Gumbo is the obvious choice. Gumbos vary in terms of ingredients: some with okra and tomatoes; others with dried sassafras (filé). Some gumbos are seafood based with shrimp and crawfish; others stick with chicken and andouille. There simply isn’t a wrong way to make gumbo! As the name implies, at Tricky Fish we put “everything but the kitchen sink” in our gumbo, loading it up with shrimp, fish, chicken, and andouille – creating a hearty dish everyone is sure to love!

Mark your calendar for National Gumbo Day – October 12! We can’t wait to celebrate with you at Tricky Fish in Richardson and Fort Worth, Texas.

Life is Better with Fried Food In It.

It’s State Fair time in Texas, which reminds us of all the delicious fried food we absolutely love – even if our waistlines don’t!

But you don’t have to drive all the way out to the fair for perfectly fried fare… Just head on over to Tricky Fish in Richardson or Fort Worth! Here are a few of our fried favorites, just in time for State Fair season:

Beer Battered Fish & Chips

Seriously – you had me at beer battered! We start with fresh white fish and batter it in our Abita beer batter, fry it to perfection, then serve with our homemade remoulade sauce, freshly cut fries, and slaw.

Fried Seafood Platter

What’s your favorite seafood? Chances are, it’s served fried at Tricky Fish! Order the Fried Seafood Platter and choose between shrimp, oysters, crawfish, or catfish. Can’t decide? Then just pick 2 or 3! The choice is yours. Each platter is served with freshly cut fries and slaw.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Tricky Fish hits it out of the park with our twist on a Southern classic. Our Fried Green tomatoes make the perfect starter for any meal, served with homemade remoulade and blackened shrimp.

Fried Oyster BLT Po’Boy

Now here’s a combination you don’t see every day on a po’boy! We start with soft French bread, then stuff it with fried oysters, tartar sauce, bacon jam, lettuce, and tomatoes. It makes a great weekday lunch option.

Beer Battered Fish Sandwich

Remember that amazing Abita beer batter we mentioned earlier? It’s also used on our Beer Battered Fish Sandwich, where you’ll get flaky fried fish, bacon jam, creamy slaw, and remoulade all on this amazing sandwich.

Ready to sink your teeth into the best fried food in the Metroplex?! Visit us at Tricky Fish in Richardson or Fort Worth, Texas!

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