The Napa Valley: 4 Things You Didn’t Know About this Famous Wine Region

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In honor of Winey Wednesday, we thought we’d give you a little glimpse into the Napa Valley and what makes this famous region so unique – and perfect for growing grapes. So why is the Napa Valley so perfect for growing the best grapes? Read on to learn a few things you probably didn’t know this famous region:


The Climate Exists in Just 2% of the World


So here’s something you can’t replicate: climate. The Napa Valley is considered a Mediterranean climate, a climate that exists in just 2% of the world. This climate type is made up of dry, warm days, mild temperatures during most of the year, and cooler evenings. The result? A perfect climate to grow the best grapes.


The Napa Valley Sits on a Fault Line


The San Andreas fault runs vertically up the coast of California, but the Napa Valley is in what’s known as a “step-over,” an area where the fault line just stops, skips a region of land, and then picks back up. 


Shifting Plates Make for Mineral Rich Soil


Not only does the region exist within a rare climate, but the shifting plates within the region provide some of the most mineral rich soil in the world. The soil is made up of shale, limestone, and other rock varieties only found in the Napa Valley.


The Mountain Ranges Provide Protection


Not one – but two – mountain ranges flank the Napa Valley, providing protection from wind and weather. The Vaca Mountain range and the Mayacamas mountain range were both formed through years of tectonic activity. 


Now that you’re feeling a little smarter, who’s ready for Winey Wednesday?! Pick your poison – red, white, or sparkling – then join us at Tricky Fish in Richardson, Texas or Fort Worth, Texas to experience half priced wines all day long!

Don’t Miss Out on these 5 Health Benefits of Eating Salmon 

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Blackened or grilled?


At Tricky Fish, we serve salmon both ways. 


In fact, we serve Redfish, Tilapia, and other delicious Gulf seafood as well, but salmon has a special place in our health conscious hearts. For all those out of there looking to eat better, don’t miss out on these 5 health benefits of eating salmon on a regular basis:


High in Omega 3 Fatty Acids


We’ve all heard that fish is heart healthy because it’s high in Omega 3 fatty acids, and salmon is king of Omega 3s! Studies have shown that salmon is loaded with EPA and DHA, both necessary for heart health. How so? Studies have shown it to reduce blood pressure, reduce risk factors for heart disease, and reverse inflammation of the arteries. Sounds pretty good to us.


Loaded with Vitamin B


Salmon is rich in Vitamin B, which is attributed to brain and heart health. It has been shown to reduce inflammation, repair DNA, and help optimize energy production from food. 




Salmon is a lean protein that not only promotes a healthy, low fat diet, but it also helps you maintain muscle mass, protects bone density, and contributes toward healing after injury. Protein is critical to your diet and not something your body can produce on its own. 


High in Antioxidants


We don’t often think of salmon when we think of antioxidants, but salmon is actually quite high in an antioxidant called astaxanthin. Antioxidants work to prevent oxidation of cells, a process that leads to aging, increased inflammation, and even higher LDL cholesterol levels. 


Low Calorie Content


Looking to get your body ready for swimsuit season? Salmon is a great choice. It’s low in calories – but also high in protein, vitamins, and minerals that promote a healthy lifestyle. Plus – the fat it does have is mainly good fat, thanks to salmon’s Omega 3 fatty acid content. 


So we’re going to ask again….blackened or grilled?


Come see us at Tricky Fish - the best restaurant in Richardson, Texas - this week and reap the health benefits of ordering salmon your way! 

Tricky Fish Signature Sandwiches: Just Choose Your Protein And We’ll Take it From There!

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Whether you’re dining with us for a weekday lunch or a weekend dinner, Tricky Fish’s Signature Sandwiches are always a customer favorite. Why you ask? Because there is truly something for everyone. 


What’s your favorite protein? Beef, pork, chicken, or fish? 


Based on what you just chose, let’s review which signature sandwich option is sure to be a winner:


Beef: Tricky Fish Cheeseburger


Tricky Fish’s cheeseburger was recently nominated for Richardson Living’s Best Burger in Richardson, Texas, and while results aren’t in yet, we’re proud that so many of our guests love this burger! We start with a half pound patty cooked just to your liking, then top that with melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles. Ah – but let’s not forget our signature topping: the bacon jam! You’ll have to try it to believe how good this savory condiment is! Made in house!


Pork: Pig & Poultry Sandwich


So this one’s got a whole lot of pork – paired with a tasty grilled chicken breast. Our Pig & Poultry starts with a sesame seed bun, then is loaded bacon, ham, a grilled chicken breast, ooey gooey provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles. Paired with your choice of fries or slaw, we don’t see how you could go wrong. 


Chicken: Nashville Hot Chicken


Like the taste of those chain restaurant chicken sandwiches? Then you’ll love our Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich! The spicy fried chicken breast is balanced by the cool vinegar slaw for taste you can’t get enough of! 


Fish: Fish Sandwich


We’re Southern at our roots after all, and fried fish is where it’s at. Batter it in Abita beer batter and we’re in heaven! Our Fish Sandwich starts with flaky beer battered fish, then tops with homemade bacon jam, creamy slaw, and our house remoulade. 


Hungry yet?


Join us this week at Tricky Fish for the best sandwiches in Richardson, Texas and Fort Worth, Texas! 

Smoke it! The Whiskey Craze You Must Try.

So you’re a fan of whiskey, eh?


You’re in good company because so are we! 


In fact, when you visit Tricky Fish in Richardson or Fort Worth, you’ll find an entire menu of amazing sipping whiskies perfectly curated to include only the best. What’s on the list? Woodford Reserve, Herman Marshall, Balcones, Firestone & Robertson TX, and Knob Creek – just to name a few. 


Smoked Whiskey: What is it? 


At Tricky Fish, you can order your whiskey neat or on the rocks – and you can even get it smoked. Many customers ask us about smoked whiskey, so here’s the rundown:


1.  Start with the Right Wood: At Tricky Fish, we love to use maple, as it as a balanced sweetness to the whiskey when smoked. Just a chunk of the good stuff will do. 

2.  Flame It: Smoking whiskey is so fun to watch! We take the chunk of maple and then lightly torch it all over until it flames and becomes fragrant. When you smell it, you know it’s going to be the perfect complement to your whiskey. (Begin thinking about which whiskey to add…hummmmm.)

3.  Take the Smoke Hostage: Next, after about 30 seconds of smoking the wood, we grab a mason jar and collect the smoke in it. Signs hard? It’s actually pretty simple. Nothing one of our top notch bartenders can’t handle. 

4.  Add Whiskey: Just like you steep coffee or tea, you now steep your favorite whiskey in the smoke for the perfect infusion. Many customers love the smoked Firestone & Robertson TX Whiskey, and the smoked Old Fashioned is pretty darn delicious too if you’re in the mood for a cocktail.

Are you a visual learner? Check out this video of one of our Tricky Fish bartenders demonstrating the art of smoked whiskey!


Join us for Easter Brunch at Tricky Fish

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What are your Easter weekend plans?


Whether you’re knee deep in Easter egg hunts or have family in town, cross one meal off of your list and come join us for Easter Brunch at Tricky Fish!

Spring Brunch Favorites

Whether you are in the mood for eggs and bacon, pancakes, or something out of the ordinary, Tricky Fish’s brunch menu is sure to delight! 


Want a traditional breakfast with bacon and eggs? Try the American Standard, which comes with 2 eggs cooked just like you like them, bacon, andouille sasuage potato hash, and a fluffy, fresh biscuit. 


Need a sugar fix first thing in the morning? You’ll be impressed by our Praline Pancakes, served with macerated berries, drizzled in praline whisky syrup, with a dollop of orange cream to top it off! Another favorite? The Bananas Foster Monkey Bread with bananas, cinnamon, sugar, and dark rum sauce. So gooey and so good. It’s so big, many like to split it as an appetizer!


Want something out of the ordinary for brunch? Seafood is our specialty, and we love incorporating it into our menu anyway that we can. The Fried Shrimp & Oyster Grits are a great seafood brunch option! We start with creamy cheddar, corn, and bacon grits, then layer on fried Gulf oysters, fried shrimp, a fried egg, and Shiner Bock BBQ sauce to boot. 


Easter Brunch Drink Specials

Our DIY Mimosa Bar features Prosecco Ruffino and includes all the fixins for the perfect mimosa, made just the way you like it! Other brunch specials drink specials include our Bloody Mary, Michelada, and Irish Iced Coffee, just to name a few. Ask your server for the full list of brunch drink specials! 


We hope you’ll join us at Tricky Fish in Richardson, Texas or Fort Worth, Texas for a delicious Easter Brunch you won’t soon forget.   

Mark Your Calendar Now: May Crawfish Boils at Tricky Fish!

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The weather in North Texas has really warmed up this week, and we’re longing for those dog days of summer. But in the meantime, crawfish is in season, and we’re decided it’s time to let you in on a little secret: we’ll be hosting several crawfish boils, starting in May! We really can’t wait! 


Richardson Crawfish Boil


Bring the whole family and get excited about crawfish boils at Tricky Fish. Cajun food is in our roots. We’re distinctively southern and love the casual elegance of a summer crawfish boil. There’s just something about eating crawfish that brings people together, and we love being a part of that. 


Seafood Saturdays in May


We’ll just call every Saturday in May a 

“Seafood Saturday,” because each and every Saturday we’ll be hosting a crawfish boil! Hit the Tricky Fish patio between 5-7pm each Saturday and you’ll get a bucket of crawfish and a beer for just $15! And that’s any draft beer mind you, so order your favorite craft beer or local brew to accompany those tasty mudbugs. They’ll be available on a first come, first served basis, so get here early! 


How much is in a bucket? 


Each bucket is about 2 pounds of crawfish, but if that isn’t enough, you can re-up for more crawfish. We know they go fast! Just know – when they’re gone, they’re gone! 


Don’t Wait! Tickets are On Sale Now!


If you’re interested in joining us at Tricky Fish for our May Crawfish Boils, then grab your tickets now! They are on sale here. Simply select your date and order the tickets before they are gone. It’s going to be so much fun, you won’t want to miss out.


In the meantime, join us for Cajun seafood favorites in Richardson, Texas, mouthwatering appetizers, handcrafted cocktails, and ice cold craft beer. There is a reason we’ve been voted the best restaurant in Richardson

Q&A: Is there a Right Way to Eat an Oyster?

Tricky Fish specializes in fresh, Gulf seafood with little fuss and lots of flavor. And yet, there is one menu item that often garners questions – our oysters on a half shell. How do I eat them? Is there a wrong way to eat them? A right way? How do I know if they are fresh? If you’re new to eating oysters, it can seem intimidating.

So – in honor of National Oyster on the Half Shell Day coming up on March 31 (yes, there is a holiday for everything), we’d like to set the record straight.

Is there a right way to eat an oyster?

Even if you didn’t ask it – you know you were thinking it! The answer, quite simply, is no. When you receive your oysters on a half shell, simply use your spoon or fork to separate the oyster from the shell, then put the utensil down and slurp! We recommend chewing before swallowing to get the full flavor. You can choose to eat it plain (as an oyster purist would) or top with lemon juice, cocktail sauce, etc. The choice is yours. After eating, some people will then flip the shells over to signal to the waiter they are done, but this is not necessary.

best oysters tricky fish fort worth richardson

How do I know it’s a fresh oyster?

At Tricky Fish, we use only the highest quality suppliers to guarantee freshness year-round. That being said, you are always welcome to ask your server for details on the oysters. Look for visual clues to freshness. Good oysters will look full in their shells, should never be too salty, and will not smell bad or overtly fishy.

Does the size of the oyster matter?

Big or small – the there is no correlation to oyster size and flavor. This is simply a matter of personal preference.

Ready to enjoy the best oysters in Fort Worth or Richardson, Texas? Join us at Tricky Fish this week for our oysters on a half shell or the oyster shooters.

Why are Moscow Mules Served in Copper Mugs?

Copper mugs are synonymous with the Moscow mule, but why? Is it just for show? It turns outs, there are both historical – and even scientific – reasons why the copper mug and Moscow Mule are the perfect combination.

History of the Moscow Mule

The history is fuzzy (as is the case with most cocktail legends), but it appears that the copper mug for a Moscow mule could have started as a mere coincidence. Most historians agree that the Moscow Mule was invented sometime around 1940 by Jack Morgan and John Martin. Morgan was the owner of the Cock ‘n’ Bull restaurant in LA and Martin was the newly minted owner of Smirnoff vodka. As legend would have it, the two were having trouble selling their drinks to the public (Cock ‘n’ Bull ginger beer and Smirnoff vodka), so they decided to combine the two to make the Moscow Mule. (We’re pretty glad that worked out!)

Now as for the copper mug, some stories say Morgan had a girlfriend who owned a copper company. Other stories say it was a Russian immigrant who was selling copper for cheap to make ends meet that owned the copper mugs. Either way, Morgan and Martin found cheap copper mugs readily available and, combined with the tangy flavors of the mule, they hit the jackpot.

Scientifically Copper Just Works Better for a Mule

Whether Morgan and Martin realized it or not, the copper mugs were the perfect glass for a mule. Copper is very good at conducting temperature, so when an ice cold mule is poured inside, the glass actually takes on that temperature and keeps the drink frosty cold longer. Also, there is research to support that the copper interacts with the drink and actually enhances the tangy flavors of ginger and lime in the cocktail.

If you’ve made it this far, then we know you’re ready for a mule! Head over to Tricky Fish in Richardson, Texas or Fort Worth, Texas and join us for lunch, happy hour, or dinner. We’ll show you what a great Moscow mule tastes like!

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