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Tricky Fish Named Best Happy Hour & Best Cocktails in Richardson, Texas!

The results are in, and we are excited to announce that Tricky Fish has won not 1 – but 2! – awards from Richardson Living’s Best Bites 2018 Awards:


Tricky Fish: Best Cocktails in Richardson, Texas


Tricky Fish: Best Happy Hour in Richardson, Texas


These are both huge honors, and we can’t thank you enough to all those who voted, dined with us, and told your friends about the great food and drinks we have to offer here at Tricky Fish. We’re so proud to be a part of the Richardson community, and it’s so validating to know that our hard work is paying off and you are loving what we’re doing!


Handcrafted Cocktails – Truly the Best Cocktails in Richardson


We have made it our mission to perfect the art of handcrafted cocktails, providing interesting and delicious flavor combinations that will tantalize the senses each and every time. The menu rotates seasonally, reflecting the best each season has to offer. Currently, a few house favorites include the Lemon Wedge, Fire & Ice, and Raspberry Smash. Oh, let’s not forget the Mega Mule – a mule that’s built for 2! Choose between the Filthy Pineapple Mule or Strawberry Mule, both delicious twists on the old favorite.


The Best Happy Hour is at Tricky Fish!


Part of what makes Happy Hour at Tricky Fish so great is our selection. In addition to craft cocktails, we offer a wide selection of craft beer, sipping whiskey, wine, and more. And to sweeten the deal, each weekday from 2-7pm, each of our seasonal cocktails, beer, and wines is $2 off. Pair this great deal with munchies off the Bar Bites Menu and you’re set!

best happy hour richardson texas


Thanks again for making Tricky Fish the location for Best Cocktails and Best Happy Hour in Richardson, Texas! Join us this week to celebrate with us!


Specials and menu items subject to change. Ask your server for details. 

Join Tricky Fish For Richardson Happy Hour Specials!

Raise your hand if you’re ready for Richardson happy hour!

Let’s see all the hands in the air because happy hour is our favorite hour of the day! Especially when our Happy Hour lasts ALL NIGHT and is EVERY DAY - even Saturday and Sunday!

And really, you don’t have any excuse not to join us. I mean, not really. Let us explain.

Reason #1 – Convenience

Tricky Fish is conveniently located in CityLine, a sprawling, thriving urban hub right off of Highway 75 in Richardson, Texas. Chances are, we’re on your way home from work, so it’s really no trouble at all for you to drop in, grab and drink or two, and then head home. Sure, you might be a few minutes later getting home… just pretend traffic was a little worse that day.

Reason #2 – Cheap Drinks

So this should really be reason numero uno because who doesn’t love cheap drinks?! Join us any weekday from 5pm to close to get the following amazing happy hour specials in Richardson:

·     $2-3 Draft Beer

·     $4-7 Wine by the Glass

·     $5-7 Craft Cocktails

We don’t want to brag or anything, but the drinks and selection at Tricky Fish really are impressive. This isn’t your average happy hour. And getting high-quality, handcrafted beverages at these prices… it’s a no brainer. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the full menu of featured cocktails and more on our website here to see what’s available.

Reason #3 – Stellar Starters

Use all that money you saved on drinks to indulge in one of our amazing starters. Peel and eat shrimp is always a winner, or maybe you’re more of a gravy fries kind of guy/gal. No matter what your tastes, our small bites are perfect Happy Hour munchies.

We hope to see you this week at Tricky Fish for Happy Hour! Remember: 5pm-close, Monday-Friday. It’s the only place for the best happy hour in Richardson, Texas!

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Tricky Fish Awarded Best of Richardson Awards

Whew! What an amazing ride it’s been so far!

With our Richardson restaurant just a year old, it is exciting to see how far we have come so far! And we could not have gotten here without YOU! Thank YOU for visiting our quaint little restaurant, thank YOU for telling your friends to come check it out, and thank YOU for coming back! It’s our pleasure to serve you!

We were especially honored when we found out that Richardson Living Magazine awarded us not one – but two – Best Bites Awards for 2017!

·     Best New Restaurant Richardson – Tricky Fish

·     Best Happy Hour Richardson – Tricky Fish

Awards are based on your votes and we can’t THANK YOU enough for putting our name in the hat!

At Tricky Fish, our goal is to offer the best experience possible, serving food that’s simple, fresh, and delicious. Mixing cocktails with only the highest quality ingredients and unique flavor combinations. Creating a brunch that will start your weekend off right. We’ve learned that when it comes to being the best, it’s all in the details.

Come by Tricky Fish this week to experience what makes us the Best New Restaurant in Richardson! You can try the best happy hour in Richardson, or maybe you would like to try our delicious lunch and dinner menu.

Start your meal with our Gulf Oysters on the Half Shell, then try our ever popular Tillamook Mac N Cheese with Shrimp, and lastly, finish the meal with a French Toast Sundae (bread pudding, peaches, vanilla ice cream, and bourbon sauce – yum!). Don’t forget about our extensive menu of craft beer, wine, and carefully handcrafted cocktails.

See you this week at Tricky Fish in Richardson’s CityLine and thanks again for helping us become the best new restaurant and best happy hour in Richardson, Texas!

best happy hour richardson texas tricky fish

10 Great Uses for Tricky Fish’s Bacon Jam

Bacon jam – a delicious, savory Southern condiment – is the secret to several of our Tricky Fish entrees including the cheeseburger, fried oyster BLT, and the fish sandwich. So popular in fact, that last Fall we shared our top secret recipe with all you fine folks. And yet, we are still frequently asked the question, “How can I use bacon jam at home?”

Don’t worry; your friends at Tricky Fish have come to the rescue! Here are 10 of our favorite ways to use bacon jam at home:

#1: Breakfast Omelet

Bacon is the quintessential breakfast meat. Slather some homemade bacon jam on an omelet to give it the perfect punch of flavor.

#2: Breakfast Sandwich

Create your own breakfast sandwich with an English muffin, fried egg, butter, and homemade bacon jam.

#3: Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Roast brussels sprouts with olive oil, salt, and pepper in the oven at 425 for 20 minutes or until done. When they are crispy and browned, take them out and slather a little bacon jam on top!

#4: Chips & Dip

Sour cream is good with pretty much anything, and bacon jam is no exception. Stir a little bacon jam in with sour cream, then dip your favorite chip.

#5: Burgers

We add bacon jam to our cheeseburgers at Tricky Fish and the combination is heaven! Want to try something a little different? Try blue cheese, caramelized onions, and bacon jam.

#6: Pasta

Buy some pre-made ravioli, cook using package directions, then slather bacon jam and butter on top instead of traditional pesto or marinara sauce.

#7: Salad

Warm the bacon jam and then add a dollop on top of your favorite salad.

#8: S’mores

Like that combination of sweet and savory? Spread a little bacon jam on a graham cracker before adding the chocolate and roasted marshmallow for an all-new twist on an old favorite.

#9: Grilled Cheese

The traditional grilled cheese sandwich is made even better when you slather a little homemade bacon jam on it before grilling.

#10: Pancakes and Waffles

Pancakes and waffles are great topped with syrup – and bacon jam!

bacon jam richardson texas


Tricky Fish – the best new restaurant in Richardson, Texas – wants to hear from you! What is your favorite use for bacon jam?!