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What to Look for in a Muffaletta - Tricky Fish

As a restaurant built on the inspirations of the gulf coast, tastes and influences of New Orleans permeate into the food we serve here at Tricky Fish. One New Orleans favorite that has quickly become a hit at Tricky Fish is the humble muffaletta. But what makes a muffaletta fabulous?


1.   The Bread


A great sandwich starts with the bread, and you can’t dismiss the perfection of muffaletta bread. It’s a round loaf that is flattened on top. The texture of a good muffaletta loaf will remind you a sponge: soft, fluffy insides with a firm exterior. At Tricky Fish, we use a fresh Gambino bun – straight from New Orleans for an authentic flavor every time.


2.   The Olive Spread


What separates a good muffaletta from a great muffaletta is the olive spread. Again, we love Gambino’s olive salad from New Orleans, because they use only the finest ingredients from around the world. Ripe, green olives sourced from Sicily and Spain, other vegetables sourced from fertile regions of California, and 100% extra virgin olive oil from Sicily are just a few of the ingredients that set their spread above the rest with a difference you can taste.


3.   The Fixins


Don’t skimp on the meats and cheeses! We love to load our Tricky Fish muffalettas up with high quality, aged provolone, cured hams, and salamis. The higher quality the meat, the better it will taste.


4.   The Prep Time


The best muffalettas are made at least 2 hours in advance, allowing the oils and flavors to seep into the dense bread. Trust us on this; it’s a little tip we learned from the founder of the original muffaletta, Central Grocery in New Orleans, LA.


In the mood for a mouthwatering muffaletta? Stop into Tricky Fish – located at CityLine in Richardson, Texas – today! We serve the best seafood in Richardson!