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Register Today: Cajun Wine Pairing Class at Tricky Fish

You ever order a glass of wine – and then have no clue whether or not it’s going to go well with your meal?


Us too.


That’s why we’ve called in the expert Wine-O’s from Republic to show you what goes with what!


Wine Pairing Class in Richardson that You Won’t Want to Miss!


If you’re looking for something different – a date night, night out with friends, etc. – that’s just different than the norm, then our upcoming wine pairing class in Richardson is the perfect event for you. Join us on July 17 from 6:30-8:30pm as we explore what wines go with what.


Each entry ticket buys you 1 glass of sparlking wine, 6 glasses of reds, whites, and rosé for the core wine tasting, and then 6 samples off of our Tricky Fish menu that will pair well with those 6 wines. They will pair things like Tillamook Mac N Cheese, Kitchen Sink Gumbo with Andouille Sausage, Grilled Redfish, or Crawfish Etouffee with the perfect wine that will bring out all the flavors for maximum enjoyment.


Register Today!


This event has been very popular so far and the limited seating is filling up fast! Reserve your tickets now by registering here. It’s just $30/person, making it a great way to explore new food and new wine.


Half Priced Wine Wednesdays This Summer!


Even if you can’t make the Cajun Wine Tasting Event in Richardson, Texas, don’t forget that we’ve got great wine specials going on all summer long! The big one: half priced wine by-the-glass every Wednesday! And during Happy Hour everyday: $2 off each glass of wine. Our bartenders can help give you an idea of what’s good and what goes with your entrée, even if you don’t make it to our class.


Register today for the Cajun Wine Pairing Class at Tricky Fish! You won’t want to miss it!

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Let’s Get the Party Started: Summer Cocktails You Can’t Miss at Tricky Fish!

The weather is heating up, and we’re craving an ice cold beverage on the patio – or by the pool!


When you get a wild hair for amazing handcrafted cocktails on a beautiful evening, don’t forget your friends at Tricky Fish in Richardson, Texas. No we don’t have a pool, but we have a wonderful patio and there is live music every Friday and Saturday night on the green to create a little ambiance while you eat. Drop into Tricky Fish soon and add a few of these handcrafted cocktails in Richardson to your “must try” list:


Honey Badger


Named the most fearless creature in the world, the honey badger is pretty ferocious. And our honey badger cocktail is ferociously delicious! ROXOR gin is one of our favorites, and we mix it up with a little basil and honey for the perfect combination.


Lemon Wedge


Just think of the lemon wedge as our version of an Arnold Palmer, a little lemonade mixed up with sweet tea - the quintessential drinks of summer. Lemoncello, honey, and Black Tea Tito’s vodka compliment each other so perfectly, it’s hard to have just one.


Fire & Ice


Two worlds collide in the Fire & Ice. Fiery jalapeno is balanced perfectly by passion fruit, ginger beer, and a little Tito’s vodka. It sounds weird – but you’ll love it.




Looking for something fruity? Look no further than the Blossom: berry blossom tea, strawberry jam, and Bacardi rum are a match made in berry heaven.


Spring Showers


This is a customer favorite because it’s so light and refreshing and oh so drinkable. Gin, cucumber, lime, and elder flower make the perfect combination.


Ready for summer and cocktails on the patio?! Visit us at Tricky Fish for the best cocktails in Richardson! We’re open for lunch, dinner, happy hour, late night, and weekend brunch.

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Just Pinch Me! St. Patty’s Day Specials at Tricky Fish!

2018 is flying by and St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner on March 17!


If you haven’t decided where to celebrate yet, then save yourself the trouble and visit us at Tricky Fish! Not only do we always have the best atmosphere for a delicious dinner, happy hour with coworkers, or late night drinks, but we’re sweetening the deal on St. Patrick’s Day with St. Patrick’s Day Specials that won’t cost a pot of gold.


$4 Frozen Ritas

The Tricky Fish margaritas are house frozen, so you aren’t getting a bill of goods when it comes to a fresh, handcrafted frozen margarita. Our house blend includes fresh lime juice and Sauza Blue Silver. It’s by far our favorite green cocktail, so what better way to celebrate St. Patty’s Day than with $4 frozen margaritas all day long?! We’ll be sure to make it extra green for ya.


$5 Bar Bites

Tricky Fish has an all-new bar bites menu and it’s out of this world delicious! If you haven’t tried our latest menu offerings, then this is a great time to order because they are only $5 each as part of our St. Patrick’s Day Specials in Richardson! Here’s the menu:


·     Oyster Shooters: this dish includes 6 oyster shooters, fully dressed. All you have to do is squeeze on the lemon and pour in the Tito’s and you’re set!


·     Sweet Thai Wings: The wings are delicious and what really makes them stand out – the peanut ginger slaw that comes on the side.


·     Fried Green Tomatoes: Southern comfort food gets a facelift with a homemade remoulade sauce and blackened shrimp.


·     Blue Cheese Chips: Think loaded cheese fries, but better! We start with fresh potato chips, then layer on blue cheese, bacon, and scallions. But beware: they are addicting!


In case you haven’t noticed, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill bar bites, and at just $5 each, you simply can’t beat ‘em!


Join Tricky Fish for these and other Richardson St. Patrick’s Day Specials!

tricky fish richardson texas drink specials st. patricks day

We’re Celebrating National Margarita Day with $4 Margaritas!

Mark your calendars now because National Margarita Day is coming up on February 22 and Tricky Fish has a deal you won’t want to miss!


Visit us anytime on Feb. 22 – lunch, dinner, happy hour, late night drinks, etc. – and you’ll get a delicious house margarita for just $4 each! All day and all night, so drink up!


So what’s in a Tricky Fish margarita?


Our margaritas are house frozen or on the rocks and made with all fresh, gourmet ingredients. No mixes here! It’s simple ingredients like fresh lime juice and Sauza Blue Silver mixed to perfection.


Don’t forget the munchies!


If you’re anything like us, then you’re going to want to order a few appetizers – or maybe even a full meal – to accompany that margarita (or two or three). At Tricky Fish, we have seafood favorites like oyster shooters and grilled salmon, po’boys, sandwiches, salads, and more. Here are a few recommendations that will go great with a Tricky Fish margarita:


·     Kitchen Sink Gumbo: A tangy margarita is the perfect balance to the mildly spicy gumbo, chock full of shrimp, fish, chicken, and Andouille sausage with rice.


·     Gravy Fries: Crispy French fries are loaded with rich beef gravy, tomatoes, cheese, and green onions.


·     Blue Cheese Chips: As part of our all-new bar bites menu, we’ve added a few new starters, including the Blue Cheese Chips. These are chips loaded with blue cheese, bacons, and scallions.  


·     Fried Green Tomatoes: Also on the bar bites menu, the fried green tomatoes are crispy and satisfying, topped with a homemade remoulade sauce and blackened shrimp.


So mark your calendars now! National Margarita Day is Thursday, February 22, and our $4 margaritas are going on all day and all night at Tricky Fish – the best restaurant in Richardson, Texas! We can’t wait to see you there!

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