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Richardson Lunch Spot: Try Tricky Fish this Week!

Tricky Fish is known for its weekend brunch, great happy hour drink specials, and food worthy of a date night, but did you know it’s a pretty great place for lunch too?


Conveniently located in Richardson’s CityLine complex, Tricky Fish is just minutes away for a weekday lunch. Here’s are a few of our Richardson lunch favorites:


Fried Catfish Po’Boy


Po’Boys are a New Orleans favorite, perfect for a hearty lunch. We love the fried catfish, but choose between catfish, fried shrimp, chicken, roast beef, or oysters on thick French bread with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and sauce. Get fries or slaw on the side and you’re set!


D.G.S. – Darn Good Salad


The name says it all! This salad is chock full of all the good stuff you can feel good about. Greens, grilled chicken, spiced pecans, dried cranberries, onions, croutons, and blue cheese are drizzled in our Balsamic vinaigrette.




What makes our cheeseburger unique is the homemade bacon jam we put on top! The bacon jam pops against the juicy beef flavor, cheddar cheese, and your choice of fixins.

Tricky Fish's Pig & Poulty Sandwich - great choice for lunch in Richardson, Texas!

Tricky Fish's Pig & Poulty Sandwich - great choice for lunch in Richardson, Texas!


Macaroni & Cheese


We saved one of the customer favorite for last on our list. Tillamook cheddar cheese makes this dish a showstopper. Top with chicken or shrimp for a little protein.


If you’re looking for a great Richardson lunch spot, look no further than Tricky Fish! We’re proud to be the best restaurant in Richardson, Texas!


Looking for a Richardson Lunch Spot? Visit us at Tricky Fish.

Sometimes figuring out what to eat for lunch is just a pain.


What are in you the mood for?

What sounds good?

What isn’t going to take forever?

Do your co-workers have any suggestions?


We’ll make it easy for you: do yourself a favor and visit Tricky Fish this week for a delicious, scratch kitchen lunch! Here are a few perks of grabbing a bite to eat at this Richardson lunch spot:


Lighter Lunch Options


If you want to avoid a heavy lunch – one that’s going to send you into a food coma for the afternoon! – then trust Tricky Fish to have the perfect solution! While we’re known for some of the best Southern comfort food in Dallas, we can do light too! Try one of our salads, for example. The D.G.S. – AKA Darn Good Salad – is really just that. Loaded with grilled chicken, cranberries, pecans, blue cheese, croutons, and more – you’ll instantly love this light lunch that’s packed with protein and healthy greens.


Sandwiches Beyond PB&J

Skip the PB&J or pathetic turkey sandwich you put together at home, and visit Tricky Fish for Cajun style sandwiches you can be proud of! The Po’Boys at Tricky Fish are out of this world, as are the Muffaletta and the Fish Sandwich with our signature bacon jam.

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Hot Lunch Specials

At Tricky Fish, you get gourmet meals, with fresh, quality ingredients, all at prices that aren’t going to break the bank. It’s as simple as that. You can feel confident that your meal won’t cost an arm and a leg, leaving you a little extra change to come back for some craft beer or cocktails during Happy Hour!

So the next time you’re thinking to yourself, “where should we go for lunch?” don’t forget about your friends at Tricky Fish, conveniently located in CityLine Richardson! We hope to see you this week for the best lunch in Richardson, Texas!

The Perfect Lunch: Po' Boys at Tricky Fish

Po’ Boys are a New Orleans favorite dating back to the early 1900s when former railroad conductors turned restaurant owners, Benny and Clovis Martin, began serving free sandwiches to some of their conductor buddies who were on strike. Many referred to these guys as “poor boys,” and the free sandwiches quickly took on the name of “po’ boy sandwiches.” At least that’s the story we’ve heard.


No matter the origins, po’ boy sandwiches are a staple in New Orleans, and now that Tricky Fish is open in Richardson’s CityLine complex, you can now get your hands on some authentic po’ boys yourself! We are your New Orleans style restaurant!


Each of our delicious po’ boy sandwiches starts with fresh, simple ingredients. Our mama told us to start with simple ingredients, and not to over-complicate things. (Always listen to mama.)


Lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles sit a top a crusty French bread loaf, which is then filled with your choice of the following:


·     Fried Shrimp or Catfish: Easily our most popular po’ boy, this traditional favorite features flaky, crispy seafood coupled with our homemade tartar sauce. We love the shrimp, but the choice is yours!

·     Blackened Catfish or Chicken: Looking for a lighter option? Ditch the fried and go blackened! Our blackened catfish and chicken is marinated then cooked to perfection and the po’ boy is coupled with a zesty horseradish cream.

·     Roast Beef: Tender roast beef and provolone melt in your mouth! Horseradish cream perfectly compliments the beef.

·     Fried Oyster B.L.T.: Give our “oyster loaf” a try! You’ll love the flavor of the fried oysters paired with our savory homemade bacon jam and tartar sauce.


Join us at Tricky Fish in Richardson, Texas this week for lunch and try one of our amazing po’ boys! Served with fries or our house slaw, you’ll be rolling back to the office.

Tricky Fish's Fried Catfish Po' Boy Sandwich!

Tricky Fish's Fried Catfish Po' Boy Sandwich!