kung fu girl riesling tasting notes

Tasting Notes: The Kung Fu Girl Riesling

Tricky Fish is more than just another Richardson restaurant and bar. It’s a place to expand your palette. Open up your senses. Try something new that you’ve never tried before!

Enter the Kung Fu Girl Riesling.

Tricky Fish offers a variety of wines and spirits, perfectly curated to expound upon new flavors and textures. At Tricky Fish, we loved the Kung Fu Girl Riesling from the get-go and here’s why:

·     Fruity Finish: Think notes of white peach, apricot, fuji apple, plum, and lime. It’s a mixture of citrus and lime that creates the perfect Riesling finish.

·     Highly Rated: We aren’t the only ones who recognize the value of the Kung Fu Girl Riesling! Wine Spectator named it one of its “Top 100 Wines” for 2 years in a row and a “Best Value” wine for 5 years in a row!

·     Made in the USA: Washington State – particularly the Columbia Valley – has become a perfect spot for crafting the perfect Riesling. The clay and mineral deposits in the soil produce the acidic and citrusy flavors that are beloved in a good Riesling.

·     Perfect Spicy Food Pairing: In the mood for Chinese or Thai food? Then grab a bottle of Kung Fu Girl and be prepared to be impressed! The floral and citrusy notes bring out the best in spicy food and pair perfectly with anything packing a punch.

Ready to try Kung Fu Girl Riesling for yourself? Come by Tricky Fish this week for a glass of one of our perfectly curated wines, including the Kung Fu Girl Riesling. It pairs perfectly with our Cajun Kitchen Sink Gumbo or the Crawfish Etouffee. Not sure if the Riesling is for you? We offer a list of 6 different wines, each with a story. No big box brands here. Just small batch wines and spirits that are big on flavor. Try them today at your neighborhood Richardson restaurant and bar!