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What are Gold Band Oysters? – Tricky Fish Richardson

You’ve heard us talk about the lengths we go to at Tricky Fish to ensure your safety when it comes to eating oysters. When it’s peak season – as it is now! – we get them fresh from the salty waters of the Gulf of Mexico. When it’s an off season, we only source top-quality Gold Band Oysters. Read on to learn why:


High Pressure Processing

High pressure processing is at the core of what makes Gold Band Oysters so special and their quality second-to-none. The high-pressure wash eliminates any of the harmful bacteria that may be in or on the oyster during warmer months when the water heats up. Worried about the flavor of a pressure washed oyster? Don’t be. The original texture and flavor remain in tact – just without any harmful contaminates! You won’t even notice the difference.


Award-Winning Flavor

Speaking of flavor, you don’t have to take our word for it that Gold Band Oysters are some of the most delicious oysters around! Gold Band is the recipient of many industry awards for flavor, including the Best Tasting Fresh Raw Oyster Award by the American Tasting Institute and – for 3 years in a row – the winner of the American Culinary Institute’s Best Taste Award.


Shucking is a Breeze

Who wants to waste time trying to shuck an oyster when you just want to slurp it down?! Gold Band Oysters arrive pre-shucked, leaving every last bit of the meat in tact – but saving you the headache.


Whether joining us in peak season or not, Tricky Fish has the best oysters in Richardson and we can’t wait to prove it to you! Join us at Tricky Fish in Richardson’s CityLine development this week for fresh oysters. They make the perfect happy hour snack, pre-dinner appetizer, or light dinner. Just don’t forget to order a craft beer or cocktail to go with them!