Smoke it! The Whiskey Craze You Must Try.

So you’re a fan of whiskey, eh?


You’re in good company because so are we! 


In fact, when you visit Tricky Fish in Richardson or Fort Worth, you’ll find an entire menu of amazing sipping whiskies perfectly curated to include only the best. What’s on the list? Woodford Reserve, Herman Marshall, Balcones, Firestone & Robertson TX, and Knob Creek – just to name a few. 


Smoked Whiskey: What is it? 


At Tricky Fish, you can order your whiskey neat or on the rocks – and you can even get it smoked. Many customers ask us about smoked whiskey, so here’s the rundown:


1.  Start with the Right Wood: At Tricky Fish, we love to use maple, as it as a balanced sweetness to the whiskey when smoked. Just a chunk of the good stuff will do. 

2.  Flame It: Smoking whiskey is so fun to watch! We take the chunk of maple and then lightly torch it all over until it flames and becomes fragrant. When you smell it, you know it’s going to be the perfect complement to your whiskey. (Begin thinking about which whiskey to add…hummmmm.)

3.  Take the Smoke Hostage: Next, after about 30 seconds of smoking the wood, we grab a mason jar and collect the smoke in it. Signs hard? It’s actually pretty simple. Nothing one of our top notch bartenders can’t handle. 

4.  Add Whiskey: Just like you steep coffee or tea, you now steep your favorite whiskey in the smoke for the perfect infusion. Many customers love the smoked Firestone & Robertson TX Whiskey, and the smoked Old Fashioned is pretty darn delicious too if you’re in the mood for a cocktail.

Are you a visual learner? Check out this video of one of our Tricky Fish bartenders demonstrating the art of smoked whiskey!