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Tricky Fish Gives Back: ONEHOPE Winery

At Tricky Fish, we like to keep things simple. We enjoy the simple pleasures in life and love when those simple pleasures align with our goals to give back and support great causes.


When we were opening our Richardson restaurant and bar, we looked long and hard at which wines, spirits, and craft beers we wanted to carry. One such winery stood out, and we just had to carry their wines in-house: ONEHOPE Winery.


What is Different about ONEHOPE?


ONEHOPE is wine with a purpose. As a relatively new winery tucked into the heart of Napa Valley, ONEHOPE Vineyard is an example of how to run a sustainable, for-profit business. It started as just 8 20-somethings, anxious to make a difference, while making great wine. At a trade show, a man named Michael (who they later learned was Michael Mondavi himself!) took an interest in their company and has been a consultant on the business every since. ONEHOPE’s Vineyard is already a leader in water and energy conservation within the Napa Valley.  


Beyond the sustainability aspect of the business, each bottle of ONEHOPE wine that is sold gives back to a certain charity. Causes like fighting childhood hunger, breast cancer research, providing therapies for autistic children, pet adoption, creating clean drinking water in third world counties, and so much more. You can learn more about the charities here.


What Wines do you Carry at Tricky Fish?


At Tricky Fish, both the ONEHOPE Cabernet and the ONEHOPE Chardonnay are on our wine menu. The Cabernet supports therapies for children with autism; the Chardonnay supports breast cancer research.


It’s wine we feel good about serving – and you should feel good ordering! And bonus: it’s delicious! Visit Tricky Fish at CityLine in Richardson, Texas this week for wine specials, gourmet farm to table entrees, and so much more.