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Start Your Meal Off Right with Appetizers at Tricky Fish

Relaxed, casual, and effortlessly delicious – that’s the kind of food you’ll find here at Tricky Fish in Richardson, Texas. And that doesn’t just apply to our entrees! Each of our menu items – whether it’s a starter, salad, brunch item, or even dessert, is carefully selected before finding a coveted spot on our menu. Take a look at a few of our delicious starters you’re sure to love:


Gravy Fries


Let’s start with a crowd favorite! You came to Tricky Fish with a group of buddies, and we can’t think of a better way to start your meal than with a few orders of gravy fries! Freshly cut fries are topped in creamy beef gravy, tomatoes, green onions, and cheese. It’s the stuff French fry dreams are made of.


Kitchen Sink Gumbo


True to our southern roots, the Tricky Fish Cajun-style gumbo is always a crowd pleaser. Our Kitchen Sink Gumbo is so hearty it also makes a wonderful entrée, loaded with shrimp, chicken, Andouille sausage, fish, and rice.   


Peel & Eat Shrimp


Fresh seafood shines throughout our menu, and the Peel & Eat Shrimp is no exception! What’s not to love about succulent, juicy shrimp served with cocktail sauce?! Order by the dozen.


Gulf Oysters


Fresh oysters on the half shell are hard to come by, but at Tricky Fish, you can trust that ours are quality! We source only the best Gulf oysters in Dallas, and even in the off season when the weather is warm, we order only Gold Band Oysters. Gold Band Oysters undergo a specialty high pressure wash that kills any bacteria in the oyster, all while maintaining its quality and flavor.


Getting hungry? Join us at the best new restaurant in Richardson, Texas – Tricky Fish – for brunch, lunch, dinner, happy hour, or late night drinks and appetizers.

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Join us for Winey Wednesdays at Tricky Fish Richardson!

We all get a little whiney by the time Wednesday comes along….why not turn that frown upside down with Winey Wednesdays at Tricky Fish!


Half Priced Wine All Day!

Yes you read that right! On Wednesdays at Tricky Fish in Richardson, Texas, our entire selection of delicious red, white, and sparkling wines is 50% off all day long! Join us for hump day and enjoy one of our amazing wine specials in Richardson. Here are a few we can suggest:


·     Elouan Pinot Noir: If you love a rich red wine, then this Elouan Pinot Noir is for you! It hails from Oregon – one of the regions that produces the best Pinor Noirs in the country – and it brings a depth of flavor you’ll love and appreciate with each sip.

·     Seaglass Sauvignon Blanc: Looking for something light and crisp to accompany your favorite seafood dish? Look no further than this gem. You’ll love the tart finish, along with notes of grapefruit, lemon, and lime.

·     Bertani Bertarose: Since the 1930s, wine enthusiasts have been enjoying the delicious flavors of the Bertarose by Bertani. It’s full bodied enough to handle pastas, but light and crisp enough to work with salads too.

·     10 Span Chardonnay: This chardonnay by 10 Span showcases the best of what California wines have to offer. In California, the growing season is long, which translates to perfectly ripe grapes – perfect for the best wine. Pair it with any of our Cajun favorites!


Ready to sample these and other amazing wines at Tricky Fish Richardson? Join us this week for wine specials on Winey Wednesdays! All wines. All half priced. All day long! We hand pick each wine on the menu, so even if you don’t choose one featured above, you know you’re going to come up a winner.



Make it your hump day tradition to join Tricky Fish in Richardson, Texas for Whiney Wednesdays!


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