What’s Old is New: The Story of Your Favorite Classic Cocktails

Isn’t there some sort of research somewhere that shows everything repeats itself?

As humans, we love digging up the past and reinventing old trends and styles. In recent years, classic cocktails have made a resurgence (much thanks to Mad Men for being a big part of that trend), and at Tricky Fish, we absolutely love serving up handcrafted cocktails, many of which date back to the 1800s and Prohibition Era.

The Daiquiri

We think of daiquiris as red, syrup-laden rum drinks, but the original daiquiri was much lighter. Invented in Cuba in the late 1890s, the daquiri was just Bacardi, lime juice, and cane sugar. It made its way to the United States via a U.S. Navy Admiral that began serving it in Washington D.C.


Historians believe the simple – yet delicious and crisp – Manhattan was invented in the Manhattan Club, a Democratic Party social club in New York City. The original was just rye whiskey, vermouth, and a little bitters.


Origins of this popular cocktail are hazy, but many historians lean toward a story of an 1800s gold miner who struck it rich. Upon finding gold, he went into the town of Martinez, CA to celebrate with champagne. They didn’t have any, and the martini – named for the town of Martinez – was born. Not sure if it’s true, but it’s colorful!

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