Q&A: Is there a Right Way to Eat an Oyster?

Tricky Fish specializes in fresh, Gulf seafood with little fuss and lots of flavor. And yet, there is one menu item that often garners questions – our oysters on a half shell. How do I eat them? Is there a wrong way to eat them? A right way? How do I know if they are fresh? If you’re new to eating oysters, it can seem intimidating.

So – in honor of National Oyster on the Half Shell Day coming up on March 31 (yes, there is a holiday for everything), we’d like to set the record straight.

Is there a right way to eat an oyster?

Even if you didn’t ask it – you know you were thinking it! The answer, quite simply, is no. When you receive your oysters on a half shell, simply use your spoon or fork to separate the oyster from the shell, then put the utensil down and slurp! We recommend chewing before swallowing to get the full flavor. You can choose to eat it plain (as an oyster purist would) or top with lemon juice, cocktail sauce, etc. The choice is yours. After eating, some people will then flip the shells over to signal to the waiter they are done, but this is not necessary.

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How do I know it’s a fresh oyster?

At Tricky Fish, we use only the highest quality suppliers to guarantee freshness year-round. That being said, you are always welcome to ask your server for details on the oysters. Look for visual clues to freshness. Good oysters will look full in their shells, should never be too salty, and will not smell bad or overtly fishy.

Does the size of the oyster matter?

Big or small – the there is no correlation to oyster size and flavor. This is simply a matter of personal preference.

Ready to enjoy the best oysters in Fort Worth or Richardson, Texas? Join us at Tricky Fish this week for our oysters on a half shell or the oyster shooters.