Debunked: 3 of the Top Oyster Myths Revealed

At Tricky Fish, oysters are one of our most popular dishes. We serve gulf oysters on the half shell, and we also serve oyster shooters. Whether you love them or hate them, oysters are just one of those foods with many opinions and myths circulating about them. Read on as Tricky Fish debunks 3 of the top oyster myths:

Myth #1: Bigger oysters are better.

Bigger is always better, right? Well, with oysters, not necessarily. What matters when it comes to oysters is freshness – not size. Studies show that across the different types of oysters, flavor varies little from big oysters to small oysters of the same harvest date.

Myth #2: Oysters are an aphrodisiac.

Hate to break it to you right before Valentine’s Day, but according to the Smithsonian Magazine, there is no evidence to suggest oysters are in fact an aphrodisiac. It appears this myth dates back to the Roman empire, as the Romans believed in the romantic power of the oyster and believed it would help their men find strength in battle.

Myth #3: You can’t eat raw oysters during months without the letter “R” in them.

Oh but you can! This myth originated because the months without “R” in them (summer months) are when the water is the warmest and 1) oysters are spawning and 2) the water can be too warm and cause certain pathogens and bacteria to infiltrate the oysters. While both of these statements are in fact true, the fact is, many major restaurants – like Tricky Fish – use Gold Band Oysters in the off-peak oyster season. These Gold Band Oysters are harvested then undergo a high pressure wash that kills bacteria, but keeps the flavor and freshness intact.

Ready for some oysters?! Visit us at Tricky Fish in Richardson or Fort Worth, Texas for some of the best oysters in DFW! We guarantee they will be fresh and delicious.

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