The Secret to the Perfect Muffaletta

The Secret to the Perfect Muffaletta

If you’re craving the unique and delicious taste of a muffaletta from New Orleans, look no further that Tricky Fish in Richardson, Texas! Tricky Fish has a variety of New Orleans cuisine, prepared simply with authentic ingredients reminiscent of the French Quarter. So what’s the secret to the perfect muffaletta? We actually think there are 5 things to look for:

1.    The Bread: Muffaletta bread is unique in that it’s crusty on the outside, while spongy and porous on the inside. We ship our bread in from New Orleans for true authenticity, but if you’re making one at home, just look for a soft, round Italian loaf with sesame seeds.

2.    Olive Salad: The olive salad is another critical ingredient to the overall flavor of the sandwich. You can either buy this in the store, or make one yourself (just don’t forget to let it marinate a few days before serving!)

3.    Marinate: Speaking of marinating, muffalettas are best when they’ve been prepared in advance, allowing the flavors and juices of the olive salad to soak into the spongy bread. Prepare your sandwich at least 2 hours in advance for maximum flavor.

4.    Italian Meats: At Tricky Fish, we make our muffalettas with traditional Italian ham and salame, paired with provolone. Remember – the higher quality of the meats, the better the flavor, so never skimp on your deli favorites (we certainly never do!) or you’ll taste the difference.

5.    Compress: Another great way to blend the flavors? Compression! If you’re making a muffaletta at home, simply wrap it up in wax paper or foil, and press it down with a heavy pot or pan to evenly distribute flavors.

Ready to grab the best lunch in Richardson and craving a muffaletta? Skip the trouble of making it at home and visit us at Tricky Fish! We pride ourselves on making a mean muffaletta, but we also have other great sandwiches for lunch, including po’boys, the fish sandwich, the Pig & Poultry, or the classic cheeseburger.

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