Now Available: Easy Online Ordering at Tricky Fish Richardson

Tricky Fish – located in the CityLine development in Richardson, Texas – is open for lunch, dinner, happy hour, and late night, 7 days a week. And you know what else… You don’t even have to show up at our restaurant to order gourmet takeout in Richardson!

That’s right – Tricky Fish offers effortless online ordering so that you can easily order from the convenience of your computer or smartphone. This makes a weeknight dinner a breeze; simply order at the office before you leave then pick it up on the way home. Or are you running errands on a Saturday? Order from your smartphone then swing by to grab it! No waiting necessary!

How does Tricky Fish’s online ordering system work?

Tricky Fish is all about simplicity, and our online ordering system is about as simple as it gets.

1.   Visit our Website: Visit us here to begin the online ordering process. You can select to have your order ready within 10 minutes, or select a time that is a little bit later. The choice is yours.

2.   Start Your Order: Click “Start Your Order,” and you’ll be ushered through a series of prompts, directing you to add gourmet takeout in Richardson to your menu. And bonus: each menu item shows a photo of what that entrée looks like, so there are no surprises when you get your food. And really, everything looks amazing, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself adding extra items to your cart! We won’t judge.

3.   Checkout: Once your order is complete, click the “cart” icon in the upper right hand corner to checkout. And voila – your order is securely placed and Tricky Fish will begin to prepare your meal!

So the next time you are in a pinch and looking for gourmet takeout in Richardson, don’t hesitate to order from Tricky Fish!