Louisiana Craft Beer: Abita Brewing Co.

True to our craft, Tricky Fish is fond of using craft beers and spirits in our cooking that are sourced from the Gulf coast region. Texas is our home state, but we have a soft spot in our heart for all things Cajun. One of our favorites – craft beers from Abita Brewing Co.


Abita Brewing Co. is located just a short 30 minutes north of New Orleans, just outside of Abita Springs, Louisiana. The taste of their beer is something special, and we love it so much, we use it in multiple dishes here at Tricky Fish. But what makes Abita beer any different?

#1 – The Springs

Beer 101: the purer the water; the better the beer. With a brewery right on top of Abita Springs, Abita Brewing is able to source their water from very deep wells, pulling crystal clear water right from the source.

#2 – The Process

Small batch is the only way to go in craft brewing, and Abita Brewing Co. has this down to an art. A team of experts is trained to test each batch for quality, ensuring it meets the highest standards around. Not a bad gig!

#3 – The Ingredients

While Abita Brewing may be a small town brewery, nothing is “small town” about their ingredients. Ingredients arrive daily from around the world – hops from the Pacific Northwest, yeast strains from Germany, and barley sourced from Great Britain and around North America.

#4 – No Preservatives

When only the freshest, purest beer will do, you have no time to add preservatives, additives, and stabilizers to your craft beer! Abita Brewing Co. steers clear of these ingredients, leaving you with the best craft beer around – pure and simple.

Ready to Try Abita Brewing Co?

In addition to using Abita beer in several of our entrees (our Fish & Chips use an Abita beer batter!), we have a nice selection of our favorite craft beers as well. Join us at Tricky Fish this week for Abita beer in Texas!

abita beer in texas