Welcome to Tricky Fish!

Tricky Fish is your home away from home: inviting, warm, and casual, with food as good as any farm to table in Dallas. Our restaurant is built on the promise that the simple life is the good life.


Humble Beginnings

It’s true that when you’re out on the water, it’s easy to get lost in the beauty and simplicity of it. The founders of Tricky Fish did just that. Out on the waters off Port A, out near Chinquapin Reef in East Matagorda Bay, the vision for Tricky Fish was founded. Out on the water, enjoying the company of good people and good food, magic happens. The world slips away and the simple life bubbles up. That’s what Tricky Fish is all about.

Simplicity in All

When you come to Tricky Fish, you’ll find a place where the world outside fades away and you’re able to just enjoy a delicious meal and great drinks with friends.

Speaking of the food, nothing about our food is fussy. If it’s fancy or requires too many ingredients, you won’t find it on our menu. Our Dallas restaurant is full of high-quality dishes, simply prepared with fresh ingredients every time. If we can, we source local. That’s it – pure and simple.

Something for Everyone

From the starters, to the small plates, to sandwiches, po’ boys, and salads – there is something for everyone on the Tricky Fish menu. Our food is a fusion of seafood, Cajun, and good ole’ Southern comfort food. And while you’re here, don’t forget to try one of our amazing house cocktails, infused with fresh, local ingredients. Of course, craft beer and wine are always available as well.

Join us at Tricky Fish this week , located at CityLine DFW in Richardson, Texas, and let us welcome you to the family! Also follow us via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for deals and insider specials!